Bell Flavors

The origin of the company today known as Bell Flavors & Fragrances EMEA was in Leipzig Germany in the early 19th century. The history of the company Schimmel & Co. can be retraced to 1829. The firm soon became the leading flavour and fragrance company in the world, a position which it occupied for more than 100 years.
The scientific accomplishments developed at Schimmel formed the basis for the technology still used in the industry today. Works such as “The Encyclopedia of Essential Oils”, published by Doctor Eduard Gildemeister and Doctor Friedrich Hoffmann in 1899 as well as “The Theory of the Extraction and Separation of Essential Oils by way of Distillation” published by Doctor Carl Baron of Rechenberg in 1923, became the standards for the production and use of these products. Outstanding achievements in the field of terpene chemistry had been recognized when Professor Doctor Otto Wallach received the Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 1910.
After WorId War II, on July 1, 1948, the Schimmel facilities in Eastern Germany became expropriated and a state owned firm, with selling products restricted to the Soviet Bloc countries.
In 1993, after reunification Bell Flavors & Fragrances privatized the company from the German government and began to supply its products to the world again. Today the facilities, occupying an area of 200.000 m², have been modernised and new research and development laboratories have been constructed.

Bell Flavors, Germany




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